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No Cold Chain Required

Business Week LogoAccording to Business Week, Carrington Laboratories Inc. has announced that early-stage trial data showed that its GelVac system for administering a powder vaccine through the nose consistently delivered doses, proved safe and was well-tolerated. The powder does not require refrigeration and allows for self-administration of a vaccine without injections.

Have We Got The Vision to Eradicate Polio?

This BBC report on progress towards polio eradication makes depressing reading; and today we hear that polio cases in Yemen are increasing.

According to WHO spokesperson Oliver Rosenbauer:

[Eradicating Polio is] technically feasible, but there are a number of challenges to be overcome.

We are facing a funding gap of over $75m. That has to be met by July for immunisation campaigns to go ahead later in the year.

What's Next for the Millennium Challenge Account? Transcript and Photos Available

Since the launch of the MCA Monitor on May 3, several participants have contacted us to request the transcript. I'm happy to say that the transcript and photos are now available. Interestingly, we got the transcript faster than usual by sending the audio files to India where, we are told, the transcribing was done by women who work from home on their own schedule, accepting jobs as and when they wish.