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A Rwandan woman smiles while taking notes
Blog Post

In new analysis, our experts review 15 NGO governing boards engaged in humanitarian response, and find that fewer than 20% of board members were from countries that are eligible to receive aid. Explore the interactive tool to learn more.


COVID-19 will likely reverse many of the social gains that took decades to materialize in Latin America and the Caribbean. The global pandemic is resulting in a decline in the size of the middle class and an increase in poverty in most countries, with some staggering exceptions, like Brazil, whose transfer programs benefitted millions. But how long can support measures last? What will be the structural consequences of this crisis? As persistent inequalities make the situation all the more challenging, what policy options are best? And are there any positive outcomes to take from this crisis? Join CGD and the World Bank for an informed discussion of these and other related issues after the release of a new World Bank report.

A piggy bank and stethoscope on a blue background
Blog Post

So is adaptive HTA, which is a “second-best” approach to locally informed and conducted HTA even in the best of circumstances, the only option available for MICs without a fully-funded process? We think there’s another possibility—virtual HTA.

Anit Mukherjee, Pam Dixon, and Camilla Ravnbøl
Blog Post
Anit Mukherjee of CGD, Pam Dixon of World Privacy Forum, and Camilla Ravnbøl of the University of Copenhagen discuss how vaccine certificates work, what challenges they pose, and how to make sure no one gets left behind.