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Lagos to Mombasa
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CGD’s Ian Mitchell joins Gyude to discuss the newest edition of the Commitment to Development Index, which ranks 40 of the world’s most powerful countries on policies that affect more than 5bn people in poorer nations. How do Africa’s development partners rank?

Chart showing carbon price for each CDI countries. Sweden, Norway, and Finland lead, while the US, China, Mexico, South Africa, and others bring up the rear
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Today, we publish the 2021 Commitment to Development Index (CDI), which tracks powerful countries’ policy efforts on development across eight important areas, from development finance to migration. One of the CDI’s focal areas is the environment, which matters for everyone but is especially critical to people in lower-income countries. In a key year for climate negotiations, the CDI can tell us which countries are doing well on policies to protect the environment and which have room for improvement.

USAID COVID-19 supplies are sitting on a shelf.
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Next week, Atul Gawande, the prominent author, surgeon, researcher, and—most recently—presidential nominee to lead US


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage and public funding is increasingly scarce, the need for high-quality, timely evidence on the effectiveness of public programs has never been clearer. Given that impact evaluations are uniquely suited to estimating the net impact of programs, they play a distinct role in the evidence and data ecosystem. But these methods have also prompted longstanding concerns, including that they cost too much and may take too long to provide results.

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Hi all, In a nice change from opening the links with the obit of one of my favourite musicians or actors, this week I get to celebrate an 87 year old genius doing something amazing: Wole Soyinka (author of two of my favourite autobiographies ever, one for each end of his extraordinary life) has finally written another novel, just the 50 years after the last oneChronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth is a blockbuster even bigger than Go Set a Watchman—Prof actually planned this one to be released, for one.