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Europe's Insistence on Naming European to Head IMF is Shortsighted

It's disappointing to see Europe attempting to preserve the outmoded mid-20th century custom of Europeans naming the head of the IMF, and in exchange letting the U.S. name the head of the World Bank. As the Economist today succinctly described the quickly emerging European consensus on France's nomination of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a former finance minister of France:

Macroeconomics and the MDGs

While participating in an interesting and thoughtful eDiscussion organized by the UNDP on Securing Fiscal space for the MDGs, I was struck by how much different approaches to the issue-say between the IMF and the UNDP-are driven by different implicit assumptions about the likely effectiveness of additional spending.

More Change on 19th Street: Rodrigo de Rato Leaves the IMF

Rodrigo de Rato's announcement Thursday that he will step down as Managing Director at the IMF following the Fund and World Bank annual meetings in October took almost everyone by surprise (see Washington Post article). The timing was especially puzzling, as the announcement comes just as much of Mr. de Rato’s reform agenda is moving from concept to reality. Mr.

Gleneagles Aid Commitments: What is the IMF Projecting?

In Tuesday's Financial Times, Alan Beattie pointed to the disturbing implications of recent OECD data on aid spending. Excluding once-off debt relief to Nigeria, aid to Africa stalled in 2006 and overall aid fell. Of course, these estimates look at the recent past. Perhaps the outlook will be better going forward? Unfortunately, the IMF does not seem to think so.