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Soul Searching

Vijay Mahajan:

“Here I am in the middle way, Having had twenty years, Twenty years largely wasted… The years of l’entre deux guerres”. TS Eliot’s lines come to mind and it metamorphoses into “Here I am at the end of the way, Having had thirty years, Thirty years largely wasted… The years of les guerres de l’interne”

Microcredit Attack Documentary in English

As an interviewee in Tom Heinemann's documentary, I received a copy of the English version in the mail last Thursday. Compared to the Norwegian one (blogged here), the English version devotes less time to the old spat between Norway and the Grameen Bank, cuts other stuff I haven't tried to determine, and travels beyond Bangladesh, to India, Nigeria, and Mexico.

Sword Dancing in New York

The oddest thing I do when I'm not blogging microfinance is English folk dancing. England has a wealth of dance traditions, and I do many of them. Maybe sometime I will write more fully about my past and present in these traditions, but for now I will be brief.

What Keeps Microfinance Insiders Awake at Night

From the latest Banana Skins report, here are the big movers on the list of worries among microfinance insiders:


Reputation: the good name of microfinance increasingly under attack

Competition: undermining business and ethical standards

Corporate governance: showing weakness under stress

Political interference: backlash against MFI lending practices

Inappropriate regulation: failing to provide a healthy environment


My Latest Videos

BBC journalist Madeleine Morris, with producer Leo Hornak, has filed two versions of her report on the Andhra Pradesh microfinance crisis, one audio and one video (below). I think the audio one is particularly good, being twice as long. Both give a good sense of the complexities of the situation, showing the good and the bad. I am not in either.