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Due Diligence: An Impertinent Inquiry into Microfinance

The Book Is Cooked

With a huge sigh and no little sheepishness at the lateness, I handed off the full manuscript of Due Diligence to the editor today. I started thinking about this project nine years ago, working on it five years ago, and writing it three years ago. The beast has 33 figures and tables, 359 references, 693 footnotes, and 110,000 words. I am tired.

Getting to the Point

Last Friday, I convened a small meeting of peer reviewers of my book. Turns out getting busy experts to review a 100,000-word manuscript isn't easy, which made invited reviewers more numerous than actual reviewers and made me all the more grateful to the latter. Beth Rhyne came in person, as did my boss Nancy Birdsall; Rich Rosenberg and Jonathan Morduch joined by Skype.