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RCTs are People Too

In her invariably delicious prose, Kim Wilson sums up the Pitt-Khandker debate:

Dear Reader:

What part of “Y*i1 = Ziπ+ε1i where Yi1 = Y*i1 if Y*i1 >; Yi1 = c if Y*i1 ≤ c and Y2i = Yi1δ + ε2i” do you not understand?

Five Indian Microlenders Reach Deal with Their Lenders


Five leading Indian microfinance institutions (MFIs), struggling because of a fund squeeze that has gripped the industry, have been accorded a substantial measure of relief by banks approving the restructuring of around Rs. 5,000 crore [$1.1 billion] of debt.


The CDR package stipulates a one-year moratorium on repayments and seven years to repay loans for the five MFIs.