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Beth Rhyne on Microfinance Success as Institution-building

I am reading now for my chapter 8, which assesses microfinance from the point of view that the essence of economic development is the creative growth of new institutions---in this case, microfinance institutions. As I have probably written before, this perspective casts Muhammad Yunus as a Henry Ford, a visionary who helped spawn a global industry with novel techniques to mass produce a valued product. The Grameen Bank he founded employs thousands, serves millions, competes, and innovates.

Pearl's Wisdom on Causality

I've had no regrets since I left mathematics almost 19 years ago. My last memories of studying it are of sitting in a library at the University of Cambridge, staring at lecture notes full of lifeless equations, struggling and failing to care. But occasionally I read something that reminds me of the beauty that can be found in math, and of the remarkable power of formal analysis. Then I see again what once made her attractive to me, if you'll forgive the metaphor.

Kudos for Kiva

I just noticed that Kiva has revamped its individual loan pages. Here's a screen shot of a loan page from March 2007 that I dug up (thank you, for a loan to Galib Asadov, a hairdresser in Azerbaijan:

Kiva old-style loan page

They're Talking about Me

From an interview on with Kiva's Chelsa Bocci:

I saw the "Finance Access Initiative" blog by Abby Gray coming to Kiva's defense about David Roodman's article. I thought that was a great example of social media in action. I was wondering initially, did you think that you wanted to do a social media campaign after Roodman's article came out?