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The New FCDO Health System Strengthening Position Paper – Too Good to be True? Three Recommendations to Ensure Impact

We congratulate the FCDO on the landmark paper on Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) and offer three recommendations for implementation: 1) further clarify strategic priorities, for example by articulating a poverty focus and prioritising partnership with low-and middle-income governments; 2) place greater emphasis on joined-up approaches to avoid fragmenting health systems; and 3) set up a monitoring framework to ensure impact.

An image of many Covid vaccine bottles.

Can Serology Tests and Seroprevalence Surveys Inform a More Effective Vaccine Roll Out?

Vaccines have become a central instrument of our long-term response to the pandemic. Vaccination campaigns have now started around the world and will confer significant direct protection against infection, severe illness, and death to those inoculated. It may also protect against transmission, though robust evidence is yet to be confirmed.

A figure of the summary of costs and consequences to consider in COVID-19 vaccine HTA.

Who Gets a COVID-19 Vaccine and Who Pays? The Need for Economic Analysis

In 2020, epidemiological modelling went from relative obscurity to being central in helping governments, and the public, understand COVID-19 as it spread around the world. In 2021, with the emergence of effective COVID-19 vaccines, Health Technology Assessment (HTA) will be critical to making the best possible decisions in bringing the pandemic under control, particularly in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs). In this blog we look at the potential of HTA to inform how much vaccine countries should buy, who should pay, and how vaccines can be most effectively delivered.