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A collage of book covers from CGD's summer reading recommendations blog.

What We’re Reading in Summer 2020

In a year marked by pandemic and protest, good books are more important than ever. We're back with more hand-picked recommendations from CGD's staff and researchers to help you better understand, empathize with, or escape the world.

A graph showing DFC investments by country income classification

DFC Puts Its Foot on the Pedal

DFC put its foot on the pedal in its second board meeting. It is starting to lay the groundwork for a portfolio that is more skewed towards the difficult markets where its development dollars can have most impact. Over the coming months we also hope to see a portfolio expansion in LICs commensurate with the growth in LMICs. 

Projected IDA allocations under scenario 4, with grants rising to 59%

More World Bank Borrowers Will Need Grants, Not Loans. As a Result, More World Bank Donors Will Need to Pony Up

Rather than providing relief on repayments from existing loans, IDA’s debt sustainability framework adjusts future financing from loans to grants for countries at high risk of debt distress. But what happens to IDA’s loans-to-grants model when a large number of IDA countries trigger the risk thresholds? Can IDA afford its commitment to debt sustainability?