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Subsequent Compacts Are the Future of MCC

Let’s talk about second compacts. Increasingly, MCC seems to be moving in this direction.  In the last five years, of the eleven countries selected as eligible to develop an MCC compact, eight had already completed (or were close to completing) an initial MCC compact.

Senate: Before You Go, Confirm MCC's New CEO

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed the nomination of MCC CEO Daniel Yohannes to represent the United States in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.  Yohannes’ impending departure from MCC leaves a big gap in the agency’s top leadership until the Senate confirms the White House nominee, Dana Hyde, as new CEO.

MCC Could See a Budget Boost for FY2015

The President’s FY2015 budget request is out and it looks good for MCC.  With a base budget ask of $1 billion, this is the highest request the Millennium Challenge Corporation has seen since FY2012.  Of course, the request is just the first step of the budget process, so MCC may or may not receive the full amount.   But if it does, it would be the largest appropriation for the agency since FY2010. 

Congress Is Right about Honduras and Tunisia, But Wrong to Micromanage the MCC Board

Congress recently passed an omnibus appropriations bill providing funding for the remainder of Fiscal Year (FY) 2014.  MCC received $898 million and a finger-shaking from Congress about the agency’s threshold program, communicating to MCC through a couple of different provisions, “we don’t like the countries you’ve picked.”  While I also disagree with some of MCC’s recent choices for the threshold program, it’s too bad for the MCC to lose some of its flexibility, and I’m rather troubled by the precedent of Congress using legislation