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G-20 Member Argentina Is Failing Basic Data Transparency Test on Inflation—And Where’s the IMF on It?

Bad news from Argentina:  The government has been tampering with inflation statistics for several years (publishing official rate as 8 percent compared to independent estimates greater than 20 percent).  Now it is imposing big fines ($100,000) on private consulting firms and individuals producing private estimates.  And where is the IMF on this issue?  In deference to its member Argentina it publishes the official estimate with a footnote suggesting private estimates are much greater.  More background (in Spanish) can be found

Cash on Delivery Aid: A Good Idea for America Too

“Experimentation on foreign aid is valuable – and rare.”  This is the single most important line in Tina Rosenberg’s excellent description of Cash on Delivery Aid in her recent NYTimes opinion piece.

Tina fleshes out an important point we have made but not emphasized enough:  COD Aid will make sense to Americans.  

The GHI: Has Spring Finally Sprung?

In a note from Kenya, Lois Quam, the freshly appointed head of the GHI, announced the release of the first GHI+ country strategy, to be found on the newly established website.  After two years of near radio silence from the USG in the way of physical documents outlining just how this $63 billion dollar initiative will be implemented, the GHI under Quam’s leadership seems to be blooming.

Really Oxfam? Really?

Oxfam hasn’t let pesky little things like representative household surveys and impact evaluation results get in the way of their condemnation of Ghana’s health insurance program.

Withdrawals from Grameen Bank Accelerating

Contrary to the reassuring February 28 update I posted yesterday, there are reports of accelerating withdrawals from the Grameen Bank in the last couple of weeks. So far the numbers represent perhaps 0.3--3% of the bank's reported 103 billion taka ($1.46 billion) deposit base, which is worrying given the potential for rapid increase. News of withdrawals feeds withdrawals.