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Are Those Hoping for a Better Microbicide Option Only “Waiting for Godot”?

In a recent blog, I bemoaned the fact that donors were unable to secure the estimated $100 million needed to test and confirm the HIV prevention success of the CAPRISA microbicide.  The comments on that blog by scientific writers Jon Cohen and Roger Tatoud point out that other trials of microbicide gels are in the works and that one in particular, the so-called VOICE trial,  is both close to comple

Why Won't AIDS Donors Confirm Their Best New Hope for Avoiding Future Treatment Costs

Celia Dugger must have known she would get a reaction.  She called from South Africa last week with the surprising news that a donor meeting in South Africa had failed to come up with the $100 million necessary to complete the preparatory research on microbicides as an HIV prevention tool for women.  Luckily for me, she considered my spontaneous reaction to be unprintable and persisted until she got a more coherent quote from me, a quote that appears in her succinct and informative New York Times article