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Who Passes the Corruption Indicator? MCA Monitor Previews FY2011 Selection

The MCA Monitor’s annual corruption note is out, officially kicking off our coverage of the FY2011 MCC country selection season.  Take a look at the full note to see how all low income and lower middle income countries score on the MCC’s control of corruption indicator. Countries must pass the control of corruption indicator to be considered eligible for MCC assistance, making it the one so-called “hard hurdle” for MCC compact eligibility.

Trade at the Seoul Summit: Will the G-20 Finally Move Forward on Improving Access for Poor Countries?

There actually seems to be hope that next week’s G20 summit will move beyond the tired mantra to finish the Doha Round and give a push to the Millennium Declaration commitment to provide duty-free, quota-free market access for the world’s poorest countries. This is an opportunity to contribute to job creation and growth when the global economy is still fragile. Furthermore, it would have minimal impact on importing countries since the least-developed countries account for around 1 percent of global trade.