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Rotavirus test results

According to the BBC:

The New England Journal of Medicine reports on tests of vaccines Rotateq and Rotarix involving 130,000 children. The studies found them to be 98% and 85% effective respectively, it says.

"Both vaccines will need to demonstrate their efficacy in the difficult settings of developing countries if we are to achieve our goal of maximally decreasing global deaths from diarrhoea."

Would a Cancer Vaccine Pay?

There is an interesting discussion at EconLog about the economics of vaccines. This follows a suggestion that some firms might not want to develop a vaccine for diseases such as malaria and AIDS because it is more profitable to sell drugs than prevent the disease with vaccines.

Arnold Kling reaches the same conclusion as the Working Group on Making Markets for Vaccines:

Hero in Harare

One of the most eloquent, if still little-known, heroes in Zimbabwe is lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, interviewed here by South Africa’s Mail & Guardian. She has defended many of the leading independent journalists and editors against government repression, including our friend Andy Meldrum who was illegally expelled in May 2003.