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A Policy is a Policy, Unless It's a…

In the past two weeks, Federal Courts in Washington DC and New York City have ruled on two related and closely-watched cases that pitted US Government Contractors against USAID and the US Government over the interpretation of the PEPFAR language regarding prostitution. The prostitution policy requires all recipients of USG funding under PEPFAR - both U.S.

A Victory for Democracy in Nigeria

Nigeria's President Obasanjo bowed to popular will yesterday and endorsed the legislature’s decision to reject bills that would have made it possible for him to seek a third term. The actions by Nigeria's Senate and House of Representatives, and the president’s wise acquiescence, put to rest fears that Obasanjo might join Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni and Chad’s Idriss Deby in discarding democracy in favor of a personal stranglehold on power. Praise for the move was nearly universal - both within and outside Nigeria.

HIV Prevention, Kenya-style

Today’s New York Times includes a fascinating article on the apparent successes of PEPFAR-sponsored and broader HIV/AIDS prevention efforts in Kenya. Among the few countries in Africa that has been able to slow or reverse the trend of AIDS infections (the club also includes Uganda and Zimbabwe), recent evidence from Kenya shows that the number of new infections nation-wide has declined from an estimated 200,000 annually at its peak, to 90,000 today. The cause: the ABCs.

Bono Gets (RED) Ink on His Hands

If you haven’t seen it yet, a British newspaper, the Independent, turned over editing responsibilities to Bono. The rock star turned savior of Africa is touring Africa this week to see how aid is working, and to promote the Global Fund and some other initiatives.

The issue is impressive and a must read for anyone interested in public health or Africa. Among the rather eclectic set of articles:

Russia to propose new center for HIV/AIDS vaccine at G8 summit

RIA Novosti

Russia will propose at the July G8 summit in St. Petersburg establishing a new center to work on an HIV/AIDS vaccine, a presidential aide said Tuesday.

The disease poses a potentially dire threat for Russia, already under threat from a demographic crisis, as official statistics say a total of 350,000 people are HIV+, but independent experts claim the figure is about three times higher.

No News Today

Today's UK Independent Newspaper leads with a full front page graphic designed by Damien Hirst. The headline reads: "No News Today". Then it has a footnote: "Just 6,500 Africans died today as a result of a preventable, treatable disease."

Carter Center to Receive Gates Global Health Award

Today the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced that the Carter Center will receive the 2006 Gates Award for Global Health, which carries with it a $1 million prize. A press release notes some of the Carter Center’s laudable achievements:

  • Reducing Guinea worm disease by 99.5%