Global Public Goods

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Official Development Assistance, Global Public Goods, and Implications for Climate Finance
October 27, 2020
Is research into a Covid-19 vaccine a suitable use of Official Development Assistance (ODA)? This note attempts to tease apart a discussion of “is this ODA” from “is this a global public good?” and then separate out again “is this ODA and/or a global public good?” from “is this an efficient way...
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On Global Public Goods: It’s Not Big Money but It’s a Big Breakthrough
May 02, 2018
There is much to cheer about in last week’s announcement by the World Bank’s shareholders to increase its paid-in capital by $13 billion. It is a healthy signal that multilateralism is alive and well, at least in the development space. And on a practical level it is sufficient to en...
Measures of Global Public Goods and International Spillovers - Working Paper 474
February 05, 2018
This paper attempts a first-cut listing of global public goods and international spillover activities, as well as providing some data on their global distribution alongside basic correlational analysis. Few if any goods are “pure” global public goods and there is a spectrum of the extent...