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Pandemic Proof: Beginning a New Era?
April 20, 2023
Over three years since it emerged, is the COVID-19 pandemic over? Amanda Glassman speaks with Ashish Jha, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, about ending the emergency phase of the pandemic. Then Javier Guzman joins to reflect on the first season of Pandemic Proof. 
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Pandemic Proof: Reflecting on Media Coverage of COVID-19
March 29, 2023
Javier speaks with Natasha Loder from The Economist and John Burn-Murdoch from The Financial Times about keeping pace with the demand for information during the Covid-19 pandemic, confronting the flood of misinformation and disinformation, and lessons learned on reporting during health emergencies.
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Pandemic Proof: Making Sense of Medical Countermeasures
February 23, 2023
How can we ensure that medical countermeasures—such as diagnostics and vaccines—are ready to go at local, national, and global levels when the next pandemic emerges? Amanda Glassman speaks with Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall of Institut Pasteur of Dakar and Dr. Rachel Glennerster of the University of Chicago...
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Pandemic Proof: Learning from COVID-19 in Taiwan
December 15, 2022
Dr. Yi-Chun Lo of Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control and National Taiwan University Hospital joins Javier Guzman to discuss Taiwan’s COVID-19 experience and broader pandemic preparedness and response efforts. Together, they discuss the lessons Taiwan learned from previous outbreaks like SARS, succ...
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Pandemic Proof: Understanding Public Health Surveillance
November 17, 2022
How does public health surveillance work, and how can it be done better? Amanda Glassman tackles these questions with Dr. Oliver Morgan of the WHO and Dr. Theo Vos of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Together, they examine the successes and limitations of public health surveillance d...
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Pandemic Proof: Learning from COVID-19 in Latin America
September 15, 2022
Countries in Latin America were hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. On this episode of Pandemic Proof, Amanda Glassman welcomes Dr. Jarbas Barbosa da Silva Jr., candidate for Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), to the podcast to discuss impacts and lessons learned. Tog...
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Pandemic Proof: Evaluating the Monkeypox Response
August 25, 2022
On this episode of Pandemic Proof from CGD, Dr. Boghuma Titanji, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine, joins Javier Guzman to reflect on the ongoing monkeypox outbreak and response. Together they discuss the parallels between monkeypox and previous infectious di...