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Stewart Patrick

Former Expert



Development and Security, Weak States, Transnational Threats, Humanitarian Action, Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Sustainable Development, United Nations and Multilateral Cooperation


Stewart Patrick directed the Center's project on Weak States and U.S. National Security and also focuses more broadly on the intersection between security and development. He joined CGD from the Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff (September 2002 – January 2005), where he helped formulate U.S. policy on Afghanistan as well as a range of global and transnational challenges, including weak and failing states, humanitarian crises, post-conflict reconstruction, organized crime, global health and sustainable development. Dr. Patrick is a former International Affairs Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations and research associate at the Center on International Cooperation at New York University, where he also taught U.S. foreign policy. Among other writings, he is co-author and co-editor of Multilateralism and U.S. Foreign Policy: Ambivalent Engagement and of Good Intentions: Pledges of Aid for Post-Conflict Recovery.

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