4:00—5:30 PM

Where is the Comparative Advantage? The Global Fund and World Bank HIV/AIDS Programs Moving Forward

Christoph Benn - Director of External Relations, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Jonathan Brown - Operations Advisor, Global HIV/AIDS Program, World Bank
PowerPoint presentation
Ruth Levine - Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development
Alexander Shakow - Author, “Global Fund and World Bank HIV/AIDS Programs Comparative Advantage Study
Celina Schocken (Discussant) - Council on Foreign Relations Fellow, Center for Global Development

Download the full text transcript (PDF)

Following the release of a report looking at the comparative advantages between the World Bank and the Global Fund in supporting HIV/AIDS and health sector programs in developing countries, CGD and the Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria co-hosted this event. Speakers addressed the progress that has already been made at aligning the activities and objectives of the two institutions, and the difficult challenges that remain and inhibit full implementation of the report’s recommendations. The key findings of the report were that the programs should more actively align and harmonize their programs under the “Three Ones” principles, that the Global Fund should focus on prevention and treatment programs and integrate its health systems strengthening into these programs, and that the World Bank should use its expertise to strengthen health systems through capacity and infrastructure development, technical expertise, and assistance to countries in writing national plans and strategies. The presentations were followed by a discussion with the audience.

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