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The Birdsall House Conference on Women

COVID as a Gendered Crisis: Forging a Shared Agenda for Inclusive Recovery

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 10:00am to 12:45pm EASTERN TIME (US AND CANADA)


In early 2021, CGD launched the COVID-19 Gender and Development Initiative with two objectives: increase the importance of gender equality on the policy agendas of global decision-makers in COVID response and recovery, and generate resources to ensure their decisions are evidence-based. Since then, our initiative’s research has focused on three questions: How has the COVID-19 crisis exacerbated pre-existing gender inequalities? To what extent have donor institutions and policymakers considered these effects in their response efforts? And what else is needed to ensure women and girls don’t get left behind in COVID recovery?

Now, nearly a year later, through CGD’s 7th Annual Birdsall House Conference on Women, we invite researchers, practitioners, investors, and advocates to discuss the latest evidence on COVID’s gendered impacts and contribute to proposing and enacting a shared agenda for an inclusive recovery.

Full agenda and list of speakers can be found at this link.

Opening Remarks

Amanda Glassman, Executive Vice President and Senior Fellow, CGD

Session 1: COVID-19’s Gendered Impacts: What Does the Data Tell Us?

Presentation: Shelby Bourgault, Gender Research Assistant, CGD

Moderator: Charles Kenny, Senior Fellow, CGD


  • Ben Leo, CEO and Co-Founder, Fraym
  • Karen Garcia-Rojas, Head of the Differential and Intersectional Statistics Unit, DANE
  • Amy Oyekunle, Lead Consultant, Monii Development Consult
  • Isadora Quay, Gender in Emergencies Coordinator, CARE

Session 2: Integrating Care, Cash, and Data into Crisis Response Efforts

Moderator: Mayra Buvinic, Senior Fellow Emeritus, CGD


  • Pablo Zoido Lobaton, Education Lead Specialist, IDB
  • Daniela de los Santos, Programme Associate Officer, Inclusive Growth and Social Protection, Gender Team, RBLAC-UNDP
  • Babatunde Olumide Omilola, Manager, Public Health, Security and Nutrition Division, AfDB
  • Charlotte Pram Nielsen, Senior Health Specialist, Global Financing Facility 

Session 3: The Next Chapter and Recovery: What Else is Needed?

Moderator: Megan O’Donnell, Policy Fellow and Assistant Director of Gender, CGD


  • Nitya Nangalia, Coordinator, Social Enterprises and Central Team Member, SEWA Bharat
  • Roopa Hinton, Social Development Advisor, FCDO
  • Laura Alfers, Director, Social Protection Program, WIEGO
  • Andrew Hurst, Economic Growth and IFIs Division, Global Affairs Canada

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Photo of Amanda Glassman
Executive Vice President of CGD, CEO of CGD Europe, and Senior Fellow
Photo of Mayra Buvinic
Senior Fellow Emeritus
Photo of Megan O'Donnell (2019 version)
Assistant Director, Gender Program and Policy Fellow