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This is a joint post with Kaci Farrell.

It is time to select our 2010 Commitment to Development Award recipient. This year, we’re asking you—our readers, friends and colleagues—to suggest worthy candidates.

The Commitment to Development Award, bestowed annually since 2003, honors an individual or organization that has made a significant contribution to changing attitudes, policies and/or practices of the rich world toward the developing world. Reflecting CGD's mission, it is designed to highlight the ever-increasing ways in which the actions of individuals, governments and institutions transcend borders and shape our world. Former Foreign Policy editor-in-chief Moisés Naím and I co-chair the selection committee which includes distinguished leaders of the development community.

Diego Hidalgo Schnur received the 2009 Commitment to Development Award for his role in numerous organizations committed to promoting development and democracy—not only in Spain and Europe, but across the globe. (See here for a full list of previous winners.)

Please nominate candidates for the 2010 Award in the comment field below or, if you prefer, in an email to policy and outreach assistant Kaci Farrell. Please send us your suggestions by Friday, September 10. We will announce the winner later this year.


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