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Apparently a spot has opened up in senior management at a major microcredit and development organization in Bangladesh. Here's the "help wanted" ad recently placed in the Daily Star to fill the position (HT Todd Bernhardt of the Grameen Foundation). Maybe you can figure out which organization is hiring? Maybe you know someone who fits the description?

Kind of bizarre.

As you probably know, in August the government wrested control from the Grameen Bank board over the search process for Muhammad Yunus's successor. The next month the government-appointed board chair formed a new five-person search committee that included two board members, just one of whom also belongs to the board's member-elected majority. Her name is Tahsina Akhter, and on Thursday she resigned in protest from the committee.

Mostly, this is not news. The nine member-elected women on the board have been loyal to Muhammad Yunus throughout the last two years, and have resisted the government's power plays. It was their steadfastness that forced the government to pass a new law to shift control of the search process to the central bank. Unsurprisingly, the board members continue to resist as they can.

But Tahsina sued to block the continued placement of the print ad above. And she has won a rare victory, however fleeting: a temporary stay from a court, pending further arguments.

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