Got a Favorite CGD Research Output in 2008? Tell Eldis!

January 26, 2009
Eldis, the online aggregator of development policy, practice and research at the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex, is conducting a survey to identify "the most significant new piece of development research of 2008." This strikes me as having roughly the same statistical validity as American Idol does for when it comes to finding new singing talent. Still, as with Idol and other talent shows, the entertainment value of a popularity contest is hard to dispute!The survey asks for title, author, publisher and link. I know you want to play, so here's some possible suggestions! Just click on the survey link and copy and paste one of the answers below.
  • Income Per Natural: Measuring Development as if People Mattered More than Places. CGD Working Paper 143, by Michael Clemens and Lant Pritchett, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/15552
  • The Place Premium: Wage Differences for Identical Workers across the U.S. Border, CGD Working Paper 148, by Michael Clemens, Claudio E. Montenegro, and Lant Pritchett, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/16352
  • Prevention Failure: The Ballooning Entitlement Burden of U.S. Global AIDS Treatment Spending and What to Do About It, CGD Working Paper 144, By Mead Over, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/15973
  • Why Warner-Lieberman Failed and How to Get America's Working Families behind the Next Cap-and-Trade Bill, CGD Working Paper 149, By David Wheeler, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/16387
  • Rainfall Shocks, Markets, and Food Crises: Evidence from the Sahel, CGD Working Paper 157, by Jenny Aker, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/1417887
  • Through the Looking-Glass, and What OLS Found There: On Growth, Foreign Aid, and Reverse Causality, CGD Working Paper 137, by David Roodman, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/15105
  • Girls Count: A Global Investment & Action Agenda, by Ruth Levine, Cynthia Lloyd, Margaret Greene, and Caren Grown, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/15154
  • The White House and the World: A Global Development Agenda for the Next U.S. President, edited by Nancy Birdsall, Center for Global Development /content/publications/detail/16560/
Don't like my list? Chose another research output from the this extensive catalogue of CGD's 2008 publications.


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