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On January 30, Milford Bateman and I will come together in Washington, DC, for a public debate. Chuck Waterfield of MFTransparency will moderate. The event is sponsored by USAID’s Microenterprise Development office and the Financial Inclusion Forum of DC and will be hosted by Microlinks. It will be webcast live.

The topic of the debate will of course be...well that's for you to decide. The organizers are gathering questions from the public. You can submit one here. Also, the questions are supposed to be under the heading of "moving financial inclusion beyond microfinance."

As an econometrician, which I sometimes am, I would say this debate is overidentified. The heading gives it one focus. The pairing of the protagonists gives it another, on the impacts of microfinance. (Presumably we are brought together because we disagree on certain things, and that's what we seem to disagree on.) Your questions may give it a third focus.

For a potential preview, see this post, including the comments from Milford [update: or see the comments below].

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