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From Shafiq Alam of Agence France-Presse:

In sign of growing tension, a Grameen Bank union leader said he was tortured late Friday by unidentified men after the union threatened to stage nationwide demonstrations over Yunus's sacking.

Sagir Rashid Chowdhury, 38, told AFP he was hauled into a minibus and taken near Dhaka University where he was beaten and threatened with pistols.

"They said they would kill me if I don't call off the protests. They beat me with sticks. I begged for my life. They broke my hands and left me in a field." Nurse Golam Mostafa of the government's orthopaedic hospital confirmed the injuries. "Chowdhury has torture marks all over his body. One of his fingers was also broken."

Who but top politicians would feel threatened by this man? This looks like a confirmation, if any was needed, that those at the top of the government view the Grameen issue purely politically. They did not seem so bothered by lawyers and economists criticizing them in the papers. But mass protests have them scared.

Update: press release with more details from the Grameen Bank.

Update: The anti-Yunus quotes police as doubting Chowdhury's story. Or are they just adapting to the political winds? How do they explain the picture?

[caption id="attachment_6507" align="alignleft" width="512" caption="Grameen union leader Chowdury has torture marks all over his body after he was attacked (AFP, Munir Uz Zaman)"]Grameen union leader Chowdury has torture marks all over his body after he was attacked (AFP, Munir Uz Zaman)[/caption]

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