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Advocates for Reform of International Finance (ARIF)

The Advocates for Reform of International Finance (ARIF) is an informal group of persons who are calling for reform of the international financial architecture with the aim of better supporting sustainable and equitable growth in the world economy. Growing out of the 2018 G20 Eminent Persons Group, the ARIF includes academics, policymakers, researchers, and other thought leaders.

Backed by research and policy proposals from the Center for Global Development (CGD), the Brookings Institution and the London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE), the ARIF provides a platform for these influencers to exchange ideas, understand the political landscape, and brainstorm on how best to influence the international decision-making process.

The ARIF meets at least twice a year – usually at the time of the IMF and World Bank Spring and Annual meetings, with ad hoc meetings convened as needed.

Find out more about the meetings:

First Meeting of the ARIF: February 2021

  • Find the summary of the meeting here.

Second Meeting of the ARIF: April 2021

  • Find the summary of the meeting here.

Third Meeting of the ARIF: September 2021

  • Find the summary of the meeting here.

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