The Development Leaders Conference

CGD’s annual Development Leaders Conference brings together the top leadership of bilateral development agencies and selected development institutions from around the globe—in a private and independent setting—to share common challenges, solutions, and opportunities in supporting sustainable development.

The 2023 conference, co-hosted with the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad), will be held in Oslo in October.

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Blog Post
The Changing Development Paradigm: AFD’s Rémy Rioux on the CGD Podcast
October 17, 2022
CGD's Masood Ahmed speaks with Rémy Rioux of Agence Française de Développement about the fifth annual Development Leaders Conference, the perfect storm of crises facing development agencies, and how new ways of thinking and financing can help them achieve their goals. 
The Changing Development Paradigm: Collaboration in an Age of Crises
October 14, 2022
In this video, senior policymakers from around the world, who gathered for CGD’s Development Leaders Conference in September in Paris, discuss the critical need for development agencies and development finance institutions to work together to tackle these increasingly complex - and global - issues. ...
Blog Post
What Is a Resilient Development Agency? Findings From a Survey of Development Leaders
September 28, 2022
Development agencies are operating in an increasingly complex development landscape, defined by a “perfect long storm” of interconnected challenges. In this context, agencies will face tough choices related to how, where, and on what to spend limited development resources, as well as questions about...
Blog Post
Development Leaders Conference 2022: Weathering the Long Storm
September 23, 2022
Development leaders met this month against a backdrop of a world facing down geopolitical, economic, and existential insecurity. What does this perfect storm mean for development cooperation?
Blog Post
The Development Leaders Conference 2022: Collaboration in an Age of Crisis
August 02, 2022
It’s clear that development agencies will be faced with hard choices in the years to come. CGD’s 2022 Development Leaders Conference will bring together senior policymakers from official bilateral and multilateral development agencies and institutions to explore the way forward for development, dur...
Blog Post
Development Leaders Conference 2021: The Need for a Bold, New Approach to Development Cooperation
December 10, 2021
In 2021, the ongoing grip of COVID-19 served as a stark reminder of the fragility of our progress in fighting poverty and COP26 highlighted the need for richer countries to provide substantial funding to meet global challenges. As the twin crises of a global pandemic and climate change threaten to l...
Blog Post
Development Agencies and the “New Normal”
December 01, 2021
In this blog, we map key trends and changes in the development landscape and highlight the implications of these changes for the future of ODA. These findings were presented at the Development Leaders Conference 2021, held earlier this month. All development agencies will need to ask themselves how ...