#ImmigrationChat Roundup: Highlights from the Twitter Chat

April 25, 2013

Thank you to everyone who participated in CGD’s first official Twitter chat Thursday morning – there were great questions and discussion about immigration reform, low-skilled workers, and the impact of migration on economies. Thanks to Michael Clemens and Madeleine Sumption of the Migration Policy Institute for being our resident experts – and special thanks to Paul McDaniel and Edward Alden for pitching in their expertise during the chat.

A few highlights:

For more information about immigration and low-skilled worker programs, remittances, and migration and global development please see more of Michael’s work and Madeleine’s at MPI.

Click here=https:>=https:> to see the whole chat.

And let us know what you think: more Twitter chats with CGD experts? Not interested? We’d love your feedback.


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