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Diane Coyle

Non-Resident Fellow


Diane Coyle is the inaugural Bennett Professor of Public Policy at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on the digital economy and on the measurement of economic progress. She was previously Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester and prior to that held a number of public service roles. These included being a member of the Competition Commission (2001-2009), Vice Chair of the BBC Trust (2006-2014), and member of the Natural Capital Committee (2016-2019). Most recently she was a member of the UK’s Furman Review panel on digital competition. She started her career in the UK Treasury and spent some years as a journalist. She also founded Enlightenment Economics, a consultancy specialising in technology markets. Her most recent book was GDP: A Brief But Affectionate History; and her new book, Markets, State and People: Economics for Public Policy will be published by Princeton University Press in January 2020. Coyle’s first book, The Weightless World, in 1997 was a prescient assessment of the far-reaching implications of digital technology. She is also a frequent media contributor. She has a PhD from Harvard and was awarded a CBE for her contribution to the public understanding of economics in the 2018 New Year Honours.

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