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illicit financial flows, effective taxation for development,  inequality


Alex Cobham was a research fellow at the Center for Global Development in Europe. His research focused on illicit financial flows, effective taxation for development, and inequality. He joined CGD in Europe in March 2013 from Save the Children UK, where he was head of research. He was previously at Christian Aid, and before that he was a researcher at Queen Elizabeth House (the Department of International Development at Oxford University), and a junior economics fellow at St Anne’s College, Oxford University.

Cobham is the author or co-author of a range of academic papers, policy reports, and book chapters, including some of the first estimates of the costs of illicit financial flows for developing countries. He is a member of the advisory group to the global consultation on inequalities within the post-2015 development framework. Work includes a proposal, with Andy Sumner, for a new policy measure of inequality, the 'Palma'.

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