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Trade for Development: Delivering on Doha's Promise

In the run-up to the Fifth World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial in Cancun, Mexico, CGD hosted a policy seminar entitled Trade for Development: Delivering on Doha's Promise. Can the member states of the WTO will deliver positive outcomes for developing countries at the Fifth Ministerial Conference? The run-up to the Cancun Ministerial Conference is a timely opportunity to address the substantive links between development and trade policies, and to energize the debate on how to best make this link in areas such as agriculture and intellectual property. The event was a forum to scrutinize the relationship between trade, development and poverty reduction, and highlight the role of the rich countries in designing trade policies more supportive of economic and social development abroad. Below you will find links to transcripts of the speakers' remarks, as well as their presentations.

Panel One. Trade for Development: An Overview
Carla Hills
Chairman and CEO, Hills and Company; Former United States Trade Representative.
Mdunwazi Baloyi
Minister of Trade and Economics, Embassy of South Africa
William Cline
Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development and Institute for International Economics
Jorge Quiroga

Former President of Bolivia

Panel Two. Essential Medicines and Beyond: The Future of TRIPS
Jen Brant
Trade Policy Advisor, Oxfam America
Thomas Bombelles
Director of International Government Relations, Merck
Presentation - Transcript
Arvind Subramanian
Division Chief of Africa Department, IMF
Presentation - Transcript

Luncheon Address:
Ernesto Zedillo
Co-Coordinator, UN Millennium Project Taskforce on Open, Rule-Based Trading Systems; Former President of Mexico.

Panel Three. Growing Prosperity: Agricultural Liberalization
Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla
Executive Director for Argentina and Haiti, Inter-American Development Bank; Former Project Leader, Global and Regional Trade, International Food Policy Research Institute.
Charles Riemenschneider
Director for North America, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization; Former Staff Director, Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry.
Transcript -- Presentation
Edith Ssempala
Ambassador of Uganda to the United States
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