7:00—9:00 PM
Grand Ballroom, J. Wayne Reitz Union, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Recurso Annual Founder's Day Gala

Recurso is a non-profit and student-run organization that is made up of a diverse group of students that with a loving heart strive to raise awareness and through service projects aid for issues such as global development, healthcare and poverty alleviation in developing countries. We specifically target our service and awareness towards children suffering from cancer, AIDS, and/or malnutrition. 

The Annual Founder's Day Gala celebrates Recurso's mission of education and service concerning children in developing nations afflicted with cancer, AIDS, and malnutrition. Through this gala, Recurso brings knowledgeable and passionate governmental and non-governmental organization leaders to speak to University of Florida students, staff, faculty, and local community members.

The 2008 Gala was held on Monday, January 28, in the Grand Ballroom of J. Wayne Reitz Union at the University of Florida in
Gainesville, Florida, and featured a keynote address by Edward W. Scott, Jr., Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Center for Global Development.

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