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Haiti: Putting the Current Crisis in Perspective

On March 10, 2004, the Center hosted an afternoon discussion about the ongoing crisis in Haiti, "Haiti: Putting the Current Crisis in Perspective." Panelists included Dan Erikson, Director, Caribbean Projects Inter-American Dialogue; Frederick Barton, Senior Fellow and Co-Director, Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project Center for Strategic and International Studies; Johanna Mendelson-Forman, Senior Program Officer for Peace, Security, and Human Rights United Nations Foundation; Gayle Smith Senior Fellow Center for American Progress with moderator Jeremy Weinstein a Research Fellow here at the Center.

The United States military is back in Haiti, after the collapse of yet another government in the Hemisphere's most troubled nation. What factors led to Haiti's current crisis? What are the most important priorities for rebuilding Haiti? How can the United States avoid repeating the mistakes of the 1994 intervention and its aftermath? Why does getting it right this time matter for U.S. national security? The Center for Global Development will bring together three prominent experts to discuss Haiti's current predicament, the lessons we can learn from past efforts at post-conflict reconstruction, and the broader challenge of U.S. engagement with weak and failing states.

Further Reading :

Dan Erikson's "The Haiti Dilemma"
Jeremy Weinstein's International Herald Tribune Op-Ed "Not Meeting the Challenge"
Rick Barton and Johanna Mendelson-Forman's "The nation-building trap: Haiti after Aristide"

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