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Governance Matters: New Worldwide Indicators of Governance

On May 18, 2005 the Center for Global Development hosted an event featuring the presentation of "Governance Matters IV: Governance Indicators for 1996-2004". The report was written by Daniel Kaufmann, Director, WBI Global Programs World Bank and Aart Kraay, Lead Economist, Development Research Group World Bank along with Massimo Mastruzzi. The report provides updated information on six key dimensions of governance for 209 countries around the world for 2004 from the most comprehensive set of governance indicators available in the world.

Kaufmann and Kraay presented the new indicators and discussed the following key issues:

- Where is governance improving, and where is it worsening?
- How does corruption affect other investment climate variables?
- What is the relationship between income levels and the quality of governance?
- What can the international community do to support improved governance in developing countries? 

CGD Senior Fellow Steve Radelet provided comments on the new data, and discussed the possible implications for country qualification for the Millennium Challenge Account.

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Access the full report and appendices, as well as the synthesis

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Daniel Kaufmann - Director, WBI Global Programs, World Bank 
Aart Kraay - Lead Economist, Development Research Group, World Bank
Steve Radelet - Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

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