1:00—2:30 PM ET

Evaluating Programs to Improve Access to Medicines: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of Novartis Access in Kenya


Peter Rockers, Assistant Professor, Global Health, Boston University School of Public Health

Veronika Wirtz, Associate Professor, Global Health, Boston University School of Public Health


  • Michael Fuerst, Head of Social Innovation & Strategy, Novartis
  • Irene Weru, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Kenyatta National Hospital


Prashant Yadav, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development


Novartis Access is a new line of mostly branded generic NCD medicines offered at a wholesale price of US$1 per treatment per month. Please join us for a seminar featuring Peter Rockers and Veronika Wirtz, who will present findings from recent and ongoing work examining Novartis Access in Kenya, the first country to receive the program. The researchers will first present evidence from a randomized controlled trial of the impact of Novartis Access on the price and availability of NCD medicines at health facilities and households. They will then present evidence from their latest analysis, which explores patient willingness-to-pay (WTP) for Novartis Access-branded generics compared to unbranded generic equivalents. The researchers will discuss their findings in light of current policy reforms in Kenya. Finally, the seminar will examine lessons learned from the RCT of Novartis Access and its potential implications for other pharmaceutical companies, along with the broader global health community, in developing and implementing programs to improve access to medicines.


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