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Independent research for global prosperity

Public Event

Economic Development and State Building

Thursday, January 8, 2009 - 3:15pm to 4:15pm

As part of the United States Institute of Peace's Passing the Baton: Foreign Policy Challenges and Opportunities Facing the New Administration one-day conference on January 8th, a panel on "Economic Development and State Building" will be held from 3:15--4:15pm in Room 204C of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center with Henrietta Fore, Steve Radelet, David Litt, and Raymond Gilpin (Moderator).
The multifaceted nature of current and emerging global security challenges requires a judicious and balanced use of development, diplomacy and defense--the 3Ds. United States' leadership in ensuring the success of global efforts to address poverty, protect the environment and safeguard human rights is critical. Enhanced living standards and freedom from fear are necessary conditions for the creation of secure and prosperous societies. This panel will evaluate U.S. programs to promote economic development in fragile environments, analyze policy options for sustainable outcomes and examine institutional mechanisms that could bolster coordination and improve effectiveness. 

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