9:00—10:00 AM ET

Asia’s Economic Outlook and Policy Responses Under COVID-19: Views from Beijing, Manila, and Washington


  • Shihoko Goto, Deputy Director for Geoeconomics and Senior Associate for Northeast Asia, Wilson Center
  • Jang Ping Thia, Principal Economist and Manager of Economics Unit, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
  • Jiro Tominaga, Director of Strategy, Policy, and Business Process, Asian Development Bank


  • Scott Morris, Co-Director of Sustainable Development Finance and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development


Countries in Asia experienced the COVID-19 outbreak earlier than in other regions. This session will consider the experience of the pandemic within the region to date, Asia’s economic outlook during this crisis period, and the outlook for policy responses to the health and economic crises.

How have experiences with the pandemic varied across the region, and how have regional governments performed? What are the vulnerabilities facing regional economies in the months ahead? How does the crisis affect relations between countries in the region and outside the region?

Helping us to answer these questions will be senior officials from two leading regional development institutions, the Asian Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, as well as a leading DC-based Asia watcher from the Wilson Center.

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