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2004 Commitment to Development Index Rankings: Defining Global Leadership

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 - 6:15pm

The Center for Global Development and FOREIGN POLICY Magazine unveiled the second annual Commitment to Development Index during a policy seminar on April 28, 2004.

The index rates rich countries' contributions to global development through measures of their aid, trade, migration, investment, security, technology, and environmental policies. This seminar offered an open and frank exchange over how rich nations define their roles and responsibilities in the global arena and where there may be room for improvement, seizing opportunities to lead in combating global poverty. Below you will find links to transcripts of the speakers' remarks.

The 2004 Commitment to Development Index: Welcoming Remarks and Presentation

Nancy Birdsall, President, Center for Global Development
Carlos Lozada, Managing Editor, FOREIGN POLICY Magazine
David Roodman, Research Fellow, Center for Global Development
Power Point Presentation

Policy Roundtable:

Phil Bloomer, Head of Make Trade Fair Campaign, Oxfam International
Jose Angel Gurria, Former Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mexico
General Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander
James B. Steinberg, Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy Studies, The Brookings Institution
Arvind Subramanian, Division Chief in the Africa Department, International Monetary Fund

Question and Answer with the panel


Discussion on Leadership for Development

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