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USAID administrator Rajiv Shah is set to release a progress report on the agency’s reform agenda at an event tomorrow. The USAID Forward progress report is expected to give a clear picture—with data!—on how much of the agency’s reform agenda has been implemented and what still needs to happen to fulfill President Obama’s global development policy vision and make USAID the premiere development agency in the world.

The report will cover USAID Forward’s three reform areas: building local partnerships; fostering innovation; and boosting results through better monitoring, evaluation and policy planning. I’m eager to hear the details in each of these areas, but will also be looking to better understand whether USAID Forward reforms are:

  • At risk in the current budget climate;
  • Helping USAID  be more selective in where and how it operates; and
  • Contributing to the stock of evidence about what works in development.

Those not already heading to the event co-hosted by the American Enterprise Institute and the Center for American Progress tomorrow can tune into the webcast.

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