Top 10 Posts of 2012 from CGD’s Global Health Policy Blog

December 18, 2012

It’s that magical time of the year when we bring you the top 10 most read entries on the CGD Global Health Policy Blog.  Together, these top posts had a total almost 20,000 unique page views. This year the blog asked for your feedback on evaluating the quality of health aid, addressed the debate over entities like the GHI and AMFm, and discussed everything from cash transfers to priority-setting.Thanks to all of you that have been reading the blog this year and who have shared your own thoughts in the comments. Happy holidays from all of us from the Global Health Policy Blog

  1. Failure to Launch: A Post-Mortem of GHI 1.0, Amanda Glassman and Rachel Silverman
  2. We Quantified the Quality of Health Aid! (So What?), Amanda Glassman and Denizhan Duran
  3. If the Global Health Donors Were Your Parents: A (Whimsical) Comparative Perspective, Victoria Fan and Rachel Silverman
  4. AIDS Spending a Good Investment? Maybe Not, Mead Over
  5. A Global Health Mystery: What’s Behind the US Government Position on AMFm?, Victoria Fan and Rachel Silverman
  6. Malaria Estimate Sausages by WHO and IHME, Victoria Fan and Felix Lam
  7. A $400,000 Drug and Why It Matters for Global Health, Amanda Glassman
  8. Healthization of Development, Amanda Glassman
  9. Top Five for Next Four in Global Health, Amanda Glassman, Jenny Ottenhoff, and Rachel Silverman
  10. Is The Global Fund Getting Better?, Victoria Fan
If this hasn’t left you with enough reading, we invite you to check out our top posts from 2011 and 2010.


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