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Last week, the Center for Global Development launched a new project called Migration Is What You Make It. The project starts with the idea that migration isn’t inherently good nor inherently bad, but instead that specific policy choices dictate whether migration becomes a crisis, an opportunity, or something in between. 

With that, welcome to Part One of a two-part podcast series that discusses policy choices for managing migration. 

In this first episode, Michael Clemens, co-director of CGD’s Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy program, speaks briefly with Louise Arbor, Special Representative for International Migration at the United Nations, about what’s at stake in the ongoing negotiations for the Global Compact for Migration.

In the podcast, Arbour warns that the only alternative to such a compact is more of what we’re seeing now: “chaos.” She describes the compact as an “international effort to curtail . . . unsafe, irregular, disorderly migration.” Achieving this goal will requires us “to acknowledge the reality that human mobility has always been with us and always will be,” she says. 

And she emphasizes that policy choices matter.

Check out the clip below for a preview. 

You can learn more about Migration is What You Make It here, and remember to tune into our next episode with former White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

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