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From the G8 Finance Ministers Conclusions on Development, meeting 10-11 June 2005:

6. Tackling diseases that undermine growth and exacerbate poverty in developing countries will require not only strengthened health systems, but also improved treatment, including universal access for AIDS treatment by 2010 and development of vaccines, including for HIV and malaria. We have made progress this year in implementing the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise agreed at Sea Island, and are committed both to taking this further; and to scaling up our support for vaccines and medicines research through the successful Public Private Partnerships model. We call for a report on progress by the end of the year. We recognise also that advance purchase commitments (APCs) are potentially a powerful mechanism to incentivise research, development and the production of vaccines for HIV, malaria and other diseases. We asked Minister Siniscalco to consult the relevant institutions, governments and industry, with the aim of developing concrete proposals by the end of this year. ...

10. As we prepare for decisions at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles we continue our work programme on: the IFF and its pilot, the IFF for Immunisation; ...


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