Coming Soon! Lagos to Mombasa: The Trans-Africa Podcast from CGD

August 05, 2021

Next Thursday CGD will launch the new podcast series Lagos to Mombasa: The Trans-Africa Podcast from the Center for Global Development. The series will focus on policies, problems, and promise across Africa.

That title reflects a long-held vision of a continent linked from Cape to Cairo, from Lagos to Mombasa—north to south, east to west, and everything in between. The theme is infrastructure—not just roads and bridges, but the transportation, trade, cultures, and societies that link the continent together. This podcast will delve into how and where those connections are forged.

Join Gyude Moore, former Minister of Public Works for Liberia and now senior policy fellow at CGD, as he speaks to researchers and practitioners about some of the biggest development challenges facing Africa, from COVID-19 vaccines and Africa’s place in global supply chains to attracting private investment that can meet the continent’s development needs.

New episodes of Lagos to Mombasa will be published every two weeks on the CGD Podcast feed—you can find it on AppleGoogleSpotify, or Stitcher. Subscribe to make sure you never miss an episode, and check out more of CGD’s work on development in Africa.


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