Call for Proposals—Millions Saved Cases

November 26, 2012

Over the last half-century, global health gains have increased at historic levels (you can see for yourself by using Hans Rosling’s entertaining and informative Gapminder tool). While parts of the gain can be attributed to economic growth, specific health efforts continue to generate significant health benefits. Since 2004, the Center for Global Development has been collecting success stories in global health – remarkable cases in which large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries have succeeded – and releasing them in the book Millions Saved: Case Studies in Global Health (now printed in two editions).  Millions Saved is currently required reading at over 60 universities around the world.Almost ten years after the initial launch of Millions Saved, CGD and the Disease Control Priorities Network will revisit Millions Saved, updating and adding new cases to the book. In this edition, we hope to take advantage of a near decade of global health advances and impact evaluations, and the preparation of the 3rd edition of Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries volumes.Via this call, we request proposals for case studies that will demonstrate recent developments in global health impact. Cases that demonstrate impact on financial protection, equity, and responsiveness as well as health are welcomed.Proposal submissions must be received by January 15, 2013. Guidelines for submission and selection criteria are provided at the announcements homepage here.


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