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The Biomedical Industry Advisory Group has provided a substantial submission to the Commission on Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Public Health (CIPIH).

The submission calls upon political leaders to improve the R&D environment for neglected diseases.

As a crucial first step, political leaders must set a public health agenda to establish targeted policies. With these in place, biomedical companies R&D can help address the need for improved therapies through a series of initiatives:

* Product Development Public Private Partnerships (PPPs): These independent organizations can attract public and private funding to finance applied research and development for neglected diseases.

* Advanced Purchasing Commitments (APC): APCs compensate for inadequate market size by specifying price and volume requirements for the development of a certain drug.

* Global Fund for Tropical Diseases: Such a fund makes necessary finances available to countries and communities, so they can purchase new and existing drugs for neglected diseases.

* Tropical Diseases Drug Act: Similar to the Orphan Drug Act, this legislative package would provide incentives to increase R&D for neglected diseases. Key features would include a combination of “push/pull” mechanisms, such as R&D tax credits, grants, reduced regulatory fees, and fast track regulatory approval.

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