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The Politics of Prevention (NPR and America Abroad Media)

January 24, 2011

NPR featured an interview with director of the HIV/AIDS Monitor Nandini Oomman, on aids prevention funding and the next steps for PEPFAR.

From the Article:

AIDS has been a viral wrecking ball across Africa, and much of the globe for that matter. More than 25 million have died from the disease, but the international community’s bedside manner is getting better. NGOs, nations and international organizations are building up a global resistance to the deadly virus. They’ve succeeding in treating millions already infected with HIV, but stemming the spread is a much tougher case. And with the doctor’s orders often running up against religious convictions and traditional customs, prescribing a potent prevention protocol is a complicated operation.

Segment 5: America Abroad's Sean Carberry speaks with Dr. Nandini Oomman, director of the HIV/AIDS Monitor at the Center for Global Development, about the future of PEPFAR under the Obama Administration, and the challenges of developing global strategies for AIDS prevention. (Extended Web version). Listen to this segment.

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