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The International Decision Support Initiative Is Scaling Up – That Means Better Decisions And Better Health (Impatient Optimists)

February 08, 2016

From article:

The International Decision Support Initiative, initially launched as the result of a CGD working groupis scaling up, and that’s good news for people making life-and-death decisions in low- and middle-income countries. It means more data on what works and more guidance on how to get the most out of scarce resources for health.

Health-care decisions are hard everywhere. The United States, for example, spends almost one-fifth of its total national income on health but still has a hard time deciding whether health insurers should cover a new treatment for Hepatitis C. Imagine the scale of that challenge in a place like Ethiopia, where physicians (1 for every 32,000 people), money, and almost every other resource are in short supply.

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