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Independent research for global prosperity

Working Groups

The goal of the Connecting International Labor Markets Working Group is to ensure workers can access more and better opportunities abroad. The Working Group identifies barriers and opportunities to enhanced labor mobility, in order to inform the design of a new organization Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) which is currently incubating at the Center for Global Development.
The Shared Border, Shared Future working group explored ways in which the US and Mexican governments could achieve this bilateral cooperation objective with an agreement that addresses fee systems, visa portability, incentives for worker training, return, and integration, and more. The resulting report and model ‘term sheet’ provide an overview of what a bilateral agreement, regulating temporary and employment-based migration, could look like.
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CGD’s Commission on International Migration Data for Development Research identified steps to improve data collection so that researchers and policymakers have the numbers they need to assess the impact of migration. CGD continues to push for implementation.
The Beyond the Fence Study Group generates rigorous new research to explore how policy decisions on one side of the US-Mexico border ripple to the other side through illicit markets and to inform a policy debate on more bilateral approaches to innovative regulation.