Ideas to Action:

Independent research for global prosperity



The global community must focus its attention and efforts on Africa if we are to achieve the SDGs by 2030. Since its inception, CGD has engaged in extensive research on Africa. In our work on energy access, development impact bonds, debt relief, and many other topics, Africa problems and solutions have always been a focus. Cognizant of the SDG challenge, CGD is redoubling its efforts to conduct research and convene African and other political thought leaders to work on solutions to the development challenges Africa faces in the 21st century.

Through this work stream CGD aims to:

  • Give more prominence to its ongoing work on Africa;
  • Initiate new work related to development finance, macroeconomics, and fragile states;
  • Partner more closely with Africans in doing our work; and
  • Convene international forums for exchange of ideas and policy discussions focused on Africa.

CGD’s work on Africa crosscuts many of CGD’s other work streams. Some of the topics that researchers at CGD are investigating include:

  • Domestic resource mobilization in fragile and conflict-affected African countries
  • Energy prospects in Africa;
  • The impact of automation on workers;
  • How differential aging and migration will play out;
  • How graduation from global health aid programs will affect different countries in Africa;
  • The risks of growing debt levels in some African countries