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Independent research for global prosperity

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Governments and Development

The policies and programs of major country governments wield enormous influence on global development progress. CGD’s teams in Washington and Europe provide timely research and analysis to inform the policymaking process.

Policies and programs of major country governments—including and beyond foreign aid—wield enormous influence on global development. Our Washington-based US Development Policy team seeks to strengthen US foreign assistance tools with proposals for reform grounded in rigorous analysis and evidence. In London, the CGD Europe team aims to help the UK government craft development-friendly policies beyond Brexit on, and to improve EU development policy and implementation. And our annual Commitment to Development Index ranks many of the world’s advanced economies by their policies’ impact on developing countries.

Our work also encompasses research on aid effectiveness, including our signature Cash-on-Delivery proposal, and how to address problems of corruption and transparency, including through clearer international rules on de-risking that make remittances more secure.